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The Election Result

Although the poll was much lower than in 2004, with the Gibraltarians showing as much interest in EU elections this time as their counterparts in the SW region, once again the Conservatives topped Gibraltar poll.

British National Party 94
Christian Party 70
Conservative Party 3721
English Democrats 37
Fair Pay Fair Trade 8
Jury Team 6
Liberal Democrats 1269
Mebyon Kernow 8
NO2EU 12
Pensioners Party 26
Pro Democracy 3
Socialist Labour Party 56
Green Party 224
Labour Party 1328
UK Independence Party 100
Katie Hopkins 15
Spoilt ballots 185

Local Returning Officer Melvyn Farrell declares the result of the Gibraltar European Elections 2009.

The Conservative Party secured majority support from Gibraltar voters in this year’s European elections, obtaining 51.93% of the votes on a disappointingly low turnout.

The Labour Party achieved the second-largest number of votes with 18.53% with the Liberal Democrats, which included Gibraltarian Jonathan Stagnetto in its lineup, came a close third in the count with 17.71% of Gibraltar votes.

Gordon Hirst, the Conservative election agent, said he was happy with the Conservative campaign, which included a visit by Tory heavyweight William Hague in the run-up to the vote.

The election and the count was handled by a team of civil servants under the direction of the local returning officer, Melvyn Farrell. They began counting votes in the John Mackintosh Hall at 6.30pm.

The work was trouble-free and by 8.15pm the count was over, though the results were not announced until 10.15pm.

The election agents congratulated Mr Farrell and his team for a job well done. "You have run an exceptionally proficient election," Mr Hirst said.

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