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Ashley Fox

"Only a resolute defence of Britain's interests will persuade the British people that it is worth staying in Europe"

Dear Conservative colleague

Are you opposed to the European Constitution? Are you unhappy about Britain's relationship with the European Union? I am. If you are, then I am asking for your support so that I can work for the objectives which we share.

I am frustrated by the extent to which Brussels dictates policy in so many areas of our lives. And I am deeply concerned that the new Constitution would cede even more power to Europe.

I want Britain to be part of a free-trading Europe of sovereign nations. But I don't want to be governed from Brussels.

I will always stand up for our national interests. Only a resolute defence of Britain's interests will persuade the British people that it is worth staying in Europe.

I have the commitment and experience to be an effective MEP for our area. I know and love the South West. My father's family have lived in Somerset for generations. I now live and work in Bristol with my wife Julia and our two children. I have been a party member for 22 years, in good times and bad. I have been a Councillor for the last 6 years and I stood in Bath as the Parliamentary Candidate in 2001.

If you share my vision of a strong and free Britain in a Europe of sovereign states then please give me your support.

The Resolute Approach

If I am elected as one of your MEPs, I will be resolute in the defence of Britain's interests.

My priorities will be to:

  • defend and promote the British national interest, keeping our great country a free, independent and sovereign state.
  • campaign against the European Constitution and prevent any more powers being surrendered to Brussels without the consent of the British people in a referendum.
  • protect Gibraltar's sovereignty and prosperity.
  • expose fraud within the European Union and ensure the best use of our money.
  • work with our farmers to ensure they receive a fair deal from both the EU and the British government.
  • reform the Common Fisheries Policy to better protect our fishermen and to prevent the immoral waste of good fish being thrown back into the sea.
  • ensure that the high standards of animal welfare practised by our farmers are enforced across Europe.

To find out more about me, what I believe in and the work I do please go to my website


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