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Giles Chichester MEP 

"I shall continue my work on behalf of my constituents in the South West and Gibraltar and stand for Conservative values and beliefs"

Proud of my heritage

My family ancestry in North Devon reaches back over 600 years. We are proud to be a Westcountry family. In my early years, I spent much time sailing in Gipsy Moths with my father.

After leaving university, I joined him in his map publishing company, Francis Chichester Ltd, where I worked my way from messenger boy to Managing Director. I began my political career as Campaign Assistant to Norman Tebbit in the 1987 General Election since when I have campaigned for Conservative candidates in all subsequent General Elections and local Westcountry Elections.

My home is in East Devon. My wife Ginnie and I have three children. This year we celebrate our 30th Wedding Anniversary.

Parliamentary Experience

I have been a Member of the European Parliament since 1994, having been elected three times in succession. Within the Parliament, I have held the positions of Chairman and EPP-ED Coordinator of the Industry, Research and Energy Committee and Chairman of the Delegation for Relations with Australia and New Zealand. I was also a Member of the EU Special Committee on Climate Change. I am President of the European Energy Forum. Since 1994, I have been the Conservative Energy Spokesman in the Parliament.

My Priorities

  • Safeguard UK sovereignty within Europe
  • Support the right to self determination by the people of Gibraltar
  • Develop a commonsense European energy policy
  • Promote the interest and development of small business (SMEs) through better information and less regulation
  • Oppose over regulation in every sector of business and society


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