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Julie Girling 

"Taking the voice of experience from the heart of the South West to the centre of the European Union"

My Promises To You

When I stood in the 2004 European elections I found that a lot of people seemed to think that the EU didn't matter to them. Just look at how low turnouts are in Euro elections. If you scratch the surface though, it has a huge effect right across the South West. There are farmers in Wiltshire struggling with red tape for their "single farm payment cross compliance inspection". There are fishermen from Falmouth throwing back good fish to meet "total allowable catch regulations".

There are business people from Tewkesbury to Land's End who have to juggle running their companies while meeting ever more European regulations, such as "carbon reduction targets". For all of them too Europe is a crucial marketplace for their goods.

Perhaps most importantly, everyone in the South West pays for the EU - on average 873 per person each year. A good MEP is an advocate for all these people, a guide to the labyrinths of Brussels and most importantly a fierce fighter on their side.

I promise to fight on your behalf to:

  • Cut red tape and waste
  • Make bureaucrats more accountable
  • Stop the 'goldplating' of regulations
  • Reject plans for a federal superstate
  • Improve value for money
  • Keep the pound
  • Restore our national parliament's sovereignty

Making sure your voice is heard

I live in Gloucestershire with my husband, 14 year old son and widowed mother. I am a graduate and have held senior buying and marketing positions with companies ranging from Ford to Dixons and Boots Pic. I have had experience of living and working overseas. I am a tireless campaigner with strong experience and a track record of political achievement for the Conservatives including:

  • Leading the Conservative group to take control of Cotswold District Council in 2003
  • Playing a leading role in taking control of Gloucestershire County Council in 2005
  • Taking a high profile in the regeneration of urban Gloucester on the Regeneration Company Board
  • Lobbying the European Commission for Disaster Relief funding after the July floods.
  • Delivering record low council tax increases every year since 2003.
I have been a member of the Conservative Party since university days. I've worked in countless elections and stood in the 2004 European election. I have a passion for the countryside and know the issues at its heart. I have strong connections with local and national media and have appeared frequently on TV news and current affairs programmes.

I believe our party needs mature, intelligent and experienced politicians to stand up for our nation in Brussels. I know I can offer you these qualities.

To find out more about me, what I believe in and the work I do please go to my website


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