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Conservatives Abroad

Conservatives Abroad

Jim Watt 18-08-2020

Conservatives Abroad was established more than 30 years ago, although some branches have been in existence since the late 1970's. Being a member of Conservatives Abroad provides a forum for like-minded people to socialise and gives a platform for political discussion on matters of mutual interest.

The aims of Conservatives Abroad are as follows:

1. Keeping Conservatives abroad in touch with politics at home

2. Increasing the number of registered Conservative voters from abroad

3. Increasing awareness of the issues facing British Citizens living overseas

4. Lobbying to reform overseas voting laws

How you can help:

1. Register to vote. There are so many Britons living overseas now so it's very important that you exercise your vote

2. Join Conservatives Abroad and get involved with your local branch

3. Tell your friends about us

4. Let us know the issues that you face whilst living overseas

5. Donate your time or money

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