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Join Conservatives Abroad !

Join Conservatives Abroad !

Jim Watt 25-08-2020

Would you like to get involved in Conservatives Abroad?

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Millions of Britons live abroad for lots of different reasons - either with family or work, or to retire. We need your help to let them know how to vote if they are eligible.

Joining Conservatives Abroad

There are many Conservatives Abroad branches all over the world. They are friendly, welcoming groups that do more than discuss politics. Many of our members see their local Conservatives Abroad branch as a social network or extended family. Membership of Conservatives Abroad is open to all who live abroad and pledge support for the UK Conservative Party. You do not have to be a voter or a UK citizen.

An individual's Conservative Party membership is always linked to a constituency Conservative Association. Anyone can apply to join any Conservative Association, regardless of where they live, and some choose to join more than one! By becoming a member of a Conservative Association, you also become a member of the Conservative Party.

Membership of Conservatives Abroad is administered by the Cities of London & Westminster Conservative Association. By joining CLWCA as an overseas member, you become a member of the Conservative Party and of Conservatives Abroad. You are entitled to all the benefits of party membership, including participation in the Conservative Policy Forum, attendance at party conferences and a vote in the election of the party leader.

We would be delighted to welcome you as a member of Conservatives Abroad, the Conservative Party and CLWCA.

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